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Air Treatment

SOLIDair components for compressed air treatment and accessories

Facing extremely high quality demands on compressed air or intending to specifically upgrade your SOLIDair compressor? Then you should check the customised SOLIDair line: The DropOut, SOLIDdry, SOLIDclean, SOLIDtronik and SOLIDdrain series are tailor-made components for drying, filtering and discharging any condensates. The separating systems of the SOLIDsep series serve to separate oil and water in the accumulated condensate – good for your compressor, good for the environment. Clever equipment for clever compressors!

DropOut for point of use removal of liquid and aerosols.
The DropOut separator removes 99.9999% of liquids and solids down to 1µ

SOLIDdry type compressed air dryer
Wet, as well as oil and dirt containing compressed air, impacts on your entire compressed air system. The accumulated condensate will cause premature wear of your compressed air tools and result in a poor work results.

SOLIDclean type compressed air filter.
In addition to drying, optimal compressed air treatment also requires filtering of the air.

SOLIDdrain and SOLIDtronik type condensate drains
Due to the compression process, most of the accumulated condensate is collected in the compressed air receiver and the compressed air dryer, and also in the filter.

SOLIDsep oil/water separation systems
The condensate accumulated and discharged by means of the condensate drain is heavily contaminated with dirt and oil.