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Clean. Safe. SOLIDdent

In sensitive areas of application such as in medicine and the oil-free industry, particularly high requirements are placed on the compressed air supply. Besides a fail-safe supply, what counts most here is absolutely clean compressed air quality. Our SOLIDdent product range is designed to meet just these challenges: oil-free piston compressors which are reliable, sturdy, maintenance-free and quiet-running. SOLIDdent compressors have proven their worth time and again – in dental surgeries, laboratories, in medical technology, hospitals and wherever high-quality compressed air is required. This re-engineered range with its flexibly graduated performance paves the way for customised production: proven technology at an honest price!

Special features of oil-free compressor units

  • Low-maintenance piston mechanism thanks to fine-ribbed ”Nipolid“-lined aluminium cylinder
  • Piston sealing strips made of high-grade PTFE
  • Special design big-end bearings for smooth, wear-free running
  • Rigorously tested in a stage-by-stage quality management process

Convincing quality

  • All compressed air receivers lined with epoxy resin and made to the European Pressure Equipment Directive
  • All compressors type-tested and with CE marking: no need for initial commissioning testing through a central inspection body
  • Supply package includes: high-grade Condor quality pressure switch, quality pressure reducer, two pressure gauges, rubber feet or wheels, quick-release coupling
  • Supplied ready to connect, all UK appliances include mains cable with plug *
  • Controlled cooling air circulation through the housing: no overheating with correct compressor design
  • Quiet running, optional, improved sound insulation available.

SOLIDdent BASIC with adsorption dryer and sound insulation
A quiet workplace is a certainty when you use the silenced SOLIDdent BASIC with an adsorption dryer. Sound levels are between 57 and 62 dB(A). This means the compressor can be used right at the workplace. The attached adsorption dryer additionally provides uncompromisingly dry compressed air.

SOLIDdent duplex systems with adsorption dryer
The high-performance SOLIDdent duplex systems were developed to meet increased compressed air requirements or to cater for uses where compressed air availability is of particular importance. Two additional attached adsorption dryers guarantee absolutely dry compressed air.

SOLIDdent BASIC with adsorption dryer
This piston compressor is especially suitable for areas requiring dry oil-free compressed air but not necessitating a particularly low sound level.

The high-performance SOLIDdent BASIC is used for areas requiring a reliable supply of oil-free compressed air but not placing any particular demands on sound levels, and where residual moisture in the air is not a problem.