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SOLIDdrain & SOLIDtronik

SOLIDdrain & SOLIDtronik type condensate drains
Due to the compression process, most of the accumulated condensate is collected in the compressed air receiver and the compressed air dryer, and also in the filter. It needs to be drained at regular intervals and in a reliable manner.
Otherwise, there is a risk that the condensate is carried away with the air flow, thus contaminating your entire compressed air network.You can choose between two different condensate drains:

The pneumatic level controlled system serves to drain the condensate by means of electronic level detection without any pressure loss and in an efficient manner.

The automatic SOLIDtronik drain valve serves to drain the accumulated condensate according to your manually set intervals and hours of operation.

SOLIDair Type Connection Weight Dimensions max. pressure
kg WxDxH (mm) bar
SOLIDdrain G 1/2 0.8 164x65x118 0.8-16
SOLIDtronik G 3/8  0.4 43x90x108 0.5-16