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Industrial Screw

SOLIDscrew: Great Performance, Great value for money

Our industrial screw compressors in the SOLIDscrew series, offer high-performance compressors for a competitive price. The range extends from 4 to 75 kW – so you will always find the right size compressor to match your air requirements. We also offer these compressors as compressed air systems mounted on receivers,up to 15 kW or as compressed air stations mounted on receivers and supplied with a dryer. All compressors are available with a standard electronic control for efficient operation and an external oil separator cartridge for easy maintenance. Such good value for money – typical SOLIDair, in fact!

SOLIDscrew 4 S – 75 S

SOLIDscrew 4 R – 15 R

SOLIDscrew 4 RD – 15 RD